Pinky Rings for Men – What, How and Best Options to choose from!

The first question that knocks our mind is what are pinky rings for men?

Pinky rings for men are the rings which are worn on the little finger of the hand. It can be worn on either of the hand ie. Left hand and right hand.

In USA and Canada, Pinky rings for men are associated with the importance of chosen profession of the students across the country. The engineers are presented with pinky rings once they’ve graduated the University. Even economics and human ecology graduates are awarded with pinky rings once they graduate.Back in United States, pinky rings for men had a very interesting symbolism at one time. The pinky rings were worn in left hand to indicate that the single man is not interested in marriage.

History of Mens Pinky Ring

British men used to wear signet rings on pinky finger of the left hand. Signet rings are seen as symbol of power. The tradition of wedding rings on pinky finger dates back to the royal British Family. Queen Victoria’s son Prince Leopold wore pinky rings and so does Prince Charles (signet ring)

The pinky ring was first worn by group of young graduates at young graduates at Macdonald College, Quebec, in 1968.

Advantages of Pinky rings for men

The best part about pinky rings is that they are not associated with cultural and traditional associations. The fifth finger does not interfere with index finger unlike other fingers.

The pinky ring for men on the little finger stands out as trends out to be attention seeker. The fifth finger ring isolates it from the body making it an attention seeker and great to look out as it stands out from the rest of the fingers.

According to palmistry, pinky finger is associated with intelligence and persuasion. According to astrological symbolism, the little finger represents the element Mercury.

Which Pinky Ring for Men is the best for me?

We’re here to help you choose the best men’s pinky ring so you don’t regret your decision of buying. We’re going to explore mens pinky ring options in terms of metal and even the budget.

Men’s Bold Titanium Pinky Ring Bands

The titanium ring is a comfort fit. It comes with a matte finish with two resin inlay. The best part is ring comes with a FREE ring box. Go for this ring if you’re looking for a subtle and minimal pinky ring for men. It’s a great gift for Valentine’s day for the husband and comes at a very cheap price as compared to other rings and it is one of the pinky rings on sale.

Price: $21 onwardsPinky rings!

14K Gold plated Personalized Ring

A gold plated ring has it’s own charm specially when it is specialized. This ring takes 11-14 days to ship but is worth the wait. The original 14K Gold plated ring comes up with a personalized first letter of your or name and looks wonderful as compared to other rings. The personalization add a touch of creativity and emotions in the ring and that’s what makes this ring stand out of the crowd. It’s a handcrafted ring!

Price: $42

Pinky rings!

6mm Diamond Faceted Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Rings For Men

The ring is made of Tungsten Carbide which is the strongesr metal to be used in the jewellery. Known for it’s antique and unique style, The Diamond Faceted Tungsten Carbide wedding band is a comfort fit for men. One of the benefits of Carbide tungsten ring is that it does not cause irritation on the finger and does not enter into any reaction with the body.If you’re looking out for a gold-alike wedding ring, you should definitely buy this pinky ring.

Price: $19.99 onwards

Pinky rings!

Platinum Plated Hip Hop Iced Pinky Ring for men

Higher on the budget and on the purity, this is the best men’s wedding ring you can gift. The platinum plated hip hop iced men’s pinky ring comes with 0.50 ct white diamonds in Prong setting. A piece of beauty, the ring is sure to capture the eyes of the walker by and add a shining end to the fingers.

In budget of $229 to $329, this pinky ring for men can bring happiness on the face of anyone instantly. It’s not just a ring but a charm in itself.

Price: $229

Pinky rings!

So, we’ve covered the options available to you in terms of pinky rings for men. Before you choose what ring to go for, decide what’s your budget and whether you want to go for a diamond, platinum or other metal rings. According to the advance, we would recommend you to go for a 14k gold plated personalized pinky ring we mentioned above due to it’s personal touch and falling in the budget criteria.

Stay tuned for more information coming on pinky rings for men. If you’ve any doubts, you can shoot us your questions and we’ll be happy to reply to your query.